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Logitech International S.A. is a global provider for the personal computer accessories. It is headquartered in Romanel-sur-Morges in Switzerland. The company is developing and is marketing products like peripheral devices like keyboards, mice, microphones, webcams and PCs, computer speakers, wireless audio devices and the headphones especially for the mobile phones along with mp3 players. It was founded on 2 October, 1981 and its services are spread throughout Europe, Asia, China, EMEA and the rest of Americas and along with Newark, California. In the region of Japan the Logitech uses Logicool as its brand name. Logitech has made mice and keyboards for Apple, Dell, Hp and the Play station directly since 1980.

What Are The Specifications Of Logitech Support Program?

Logitech is very mush active and alert when it comes to the field of supporting and providing help to their clients and customers. Their launched online support center is capable of providing help for all the Logitech products. There are four options available for the customers to pick their way of getting the online support.

1-      Automatically detect customers USB corded, wireless or Bluetooth attached Logitech products.

2-      By entering the model number or name of the product.

3-      By selecting the product’s name from the drop down menu.

4-      By browsing through picture.

You get the 24/7 access to get service and you don’t even have to wait for your turn in the Logitech office during the business hours.


1-      You need a computer with an internet access.

2-      You must have purchased a Logitech product.

Step By Step Method:

1-      Click on the link  and you will be directed to the Logitech website.

2-      Chose a way to find or get support for your product from the four options available for your convenience e.g. by browsing the picture.

3-      Click on the button marked “Mice”

4-      Select the name of the product for which you want the support.

5-      You will see the fresh list of the most famous FAQs about your selected product and then click on the link to find the best solution related to your product in a very convenient way.

Further Help

If you need any help then you refer to the troubleshooting page and soon your query will be solved easily.

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