Access Lowe’s To Find Purchase Status Online

If you own a credit card, then obviously you need to keep check and balance of your card and purchases. In old times, it could be a little hard but now we can do that in the blink of an eye. Online services and facilities have made everything easier than ever. It’s also provides this helpful service through which you can keep check of your purchased history. This enables you to keep the track of your all your purchases and transactions. All you need to do is go online and visit the s website.

Steps To Check:

  • To check the status of your online purchases, the first step is to visit the official page at, through your internet web browser.
  • This will take you to the home page; there is an option at the “Sign In” and “Find Purchase”.
  • Go for the send option and add details that are required to have.
  • When the pointer is moved on to the symbol, there appears a drop down menu and choose the option for “Purchase Type”.
  • Enter “Order Number” and click on “Find Purchase”
  • Next you will be informed to the purchase status soon.


  • Make sure to keep the receipt with you, as you require the information printed on it.
  • In case of mobile purchase, you must know your order number and the confirmation.

About Company:

This is an American Based company, which was established in 1946. It is one of the world’s leading and the largest chain of home improvement and appliances stores. It all started as a small store but due to their never ending struggle and hard work, now it has emerged as the second largest chain in the United States, with experience of more than 60 years. It has around 1750 locations and 245000 employees across the globe. It has an extensive range of products and ensures quality, excellence and reliability to its clients. Their goal is the satisfaction and happiness of their customers and that is what encourages them to improve.

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