Win $100 In Lucky Listens Guest Survey

About Company

Lucky stores provide help as well as best quality products and items that the customers need. They accommodate the customers in every possible. The services they provide have to be properly analyzed so that they could further improve them. This can only be done by asking the customers about the various facilities they are given in stores and the quality of items they purchase. The cost of the items is nominal but the quality is quite high. To check whether or not the customers are happy with the services they provide, they have put up an interesting survey for the customers to take so that they could help the Lucky store managers figure out the problem in their management of items and help them improve the standard of quality and services they provide to the customers.

About Survey

All types of products are provided by the stores including a wide range of beauty products and pet care items. The best bonus being provided to the customers for taking the survey is that they would be given a gift card of $100 absolutely free. All they have to do is take part in the lottery and weekly the winners of the gift cards would be announced, only those who participate in the survey taking process. The website of lucky stores has to be known and this will allow the customers to visit the site and know about several facts of the surveys. The site will help the customers take the survey easily. The site will also give the chance to the customer to take up the survey in any of the given languages available. The customer would have to choose a language to proceed and so rules are given in the respective language.

How To Take The Survey?

After reading the rules and regulations of the survey the customer would have to enter the code of the receipt in the bar mentioned on the site so that the process of the survey is initiated. After doing this, a list of questions related to the store services will appear and the customer would have to answer the questions keeping in mind the experience he had while purchasing items from the store. The dealings and the interaction with the staff members is also a part that is discussed and covered up in the questions asked in the survey. The personal information is asked from the customer to let him enter the lottery.

Step By Step Procedure:

  • Go to the website
  • Select the language from English or Spanish
  • Verify yourself that you are human
  • Enter the code from your receipt number. It would be of 16 digits
  • Step by step answer all the questions
  • Press submit to end the survey

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