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M&T Bank is a commercial bank that is headquartered in Buffalo at One M&T Plaza.  It is the American bank that was founded in 1856 in the western New York . It has over 750 branches present in New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey and the Central Florida. The M&T is the abbreviation of Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company.  The bank offers Credit cards, Private Equity, Global Wealth Management, Mortgages, Investment Management, Investment Banking, Consumer Banking, Corporate Banking, Finance and Insurance.

M&T Account Benefits

The person can do all his banking by sitting at his home and sipping his coffee along with clicking and managing his financial accounts. He can apply for insurances and loans online, He can check his money transactions plus deal with his credit card transactions, mounts and can also change the PIN number and password of his account or credit card whenever he wants, He can do various other things on his account of M&T bank.

How To Sign Up And Log In The M&T Bank Account For Web Banking?


1-      You must be an M&T customer.

2-      You must have an M&T account.

There are three methods for sign up and Log in to the M&T account.

Online Sign Up And Login:


1-      You must have an M&T ATM/Check card or a valid Credit card with a valid PIN number.

2-      If you don’t keep a M&T card then you need to provide your Social security number, account type, account number and your birth date.


1-      Click on the link and you will be directed to the M&T website.

2-      Click on the option “Enroll me today”.

3-      For customers who have the ATM or Check card they need to provide their ATM or Check card number along with their PIN.

4-      Customers who have the credit card will have to enter their social security number, the credit card number and the date of birth.

5-      Customers who don’t have a M&T card will provide their Social Security number, account type and its number along with their birth date.

6-      Click “Next” and follow the instructed steps and complete the sign up process. Once your sign up is confirmed you can log in to your account.

Over Phone:

You will call at the telephone of the banking help center and tell the representative your valid e-mail ID plus your web banking security code and he will provide you the temporary Username and password for the first time log in.

From The Branch:

Visit your nearest branch and provide a valid e-mail address and you will be given a temporary pass code and a print out of your User ID for the first- time log in.

Detail Guide:

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