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What I understand is that like retail industry, hoteling is also a services orientated industry where customer experience is the key for long term revenues. I have taken surveys of grocery and specialty retailers, most of which come with long list of questions on many dimensions. But this is not the case with Marriot survey it is a one screen short form that lets you give your own opinion rather ask you MCQ type questions.

How Marriot Rewards Work

With Marriot surveys there are no sweepstakes involved. Marriot runs its own reward point system to redeem benefits to people who plan events and company meetings at any of its participating hotels. Marriott captures repeat buy and customer lock-in while the customer’s gets his fair share in shape of free stays.

So if you are looking to get some rewards Marriot survey is not the place for it. Better checkout Marriot rewards website.

The purpose of Marriott survey is to get customer feedback for employee training. The survey is conducted for improvement in overall customer services provided by Marriott franchisees and affiliates.

Step By Step Guide

Since there is no third part involved to provide the feedback management software or sweepstake administration etc the process is easy to understand for a simple person like me.

  1. What I liked the best about this survey was the short and sweet URL of the hosting site No need to go through many links or anything just type Marriot Survey in your Google, yahoo or Bing search toolbar and you will land the home page of survey. Don’t try this on or Babylon toolbar because mostly websites do not optimize for these.
  2. Currently the survey is being conducted for three participating hotel San Antonio, Dallas and El Paso. Click on the name of the hotel to check if there is any reward survey currently being offered for it.
  3. This will take you to the respective page of the Marriott franchise or affiliate’s customer survey form.
  4. Now the only thing is to grade on a scale of one to ten,
  5. Your satisfaction with the customer service provided by the store
  6. Experience with check in and front desk staff, room services staff and other hotel staff
  7. Give a little input on any problems faced and there you are

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