McDonald’s Customer Survey

The largest chain of fast food restaurants and hamburgers of the world was founded in 1940 under the brand name McDonald’s and is currently known as McDonald’s Corporation. The headquarters are in Oak Brook, Illinois, United States. The total number of locations present world widely of McDonald’s are 33000 and they serve breakfast, salads, milkshakes, smoothies, wraps, fruits, beverages, coffee, fizzy drinks, soft drinks, French fries, chicken and hamburgers. Even with such large increase in the business the demand of more McDonald’s locations is increasing day by day very rapidly because of their quality service and food which is simply remarkable and unlike any other being unique in its nature. There are franchises, affiliates and company operated locations of the McDonald’s. There are counter service and drive through locations of the McDonalds depending on the demand of the location where the McDonald’s is present. The friendly clown wearing red and white stripes is the icon symbol of McDonald’s.

Step By Step Guide


  1. You must have a computer along with an internet access.
  2. You must have visited the McDonalds recently.
  3. You must be a citizen of the area where there is a McDonald’s.
  4. You must have the receipt from your last visit which will give you access to your survey by providing you the restaurant number.


  1. Click on the link  and you will be directed to the website of the McDonald’s on the survey page.
  2. Now choose the language in which you want to attend the survey and once you have decided the language then click on it.
  3. Once you have selected and enter the language then you are required to enter the restaurant number.
  4. Enter the restaurant number by looking at the receipt into the respected box.
  5. Once the number is entered in the required field then click on the option stated as “Next”
  6. The survey questions will start to appear on your screen and you must answer then  honestly according to the experience that you had while visiting the McDonald’s
  7. Complete the questions and follow the guided steps to finish the process.

How Can You Play Your Part To Increase The Ratio Of Participants Of The Survey?

If you love your McDonald’s and you want to play your part in increasing the number of participants of the survey then you can spread the news on the block by telling your family, friends and colleagues about it and urging them to take part in it.

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