Apply for Maryland UI Citi Prepaid Services

Citibank has been offering unemployment insurance to the people of Maryland through the prepaid benefit card. This is not a credit card and therefore has no credit line. This means that, in order to receive this debit card, you will not have to go through the mandatory credit check or the approval procedure to be able to get the card. The purchases you make and the withdrawals are all within your card balance and you can use the card for two years before you require renewal.

The Benefits Of Receiving Unemployment Payments Via Debit Card:

There are numerous advantages associated with receiving your unemployment benefits via debit cards. Some of the main advantages include:

  • It is time efficient – a debit card offers and ease and accessibility to payments. This would have been hard since the only other way is waiting on queues to deposit or cash a check.
  • It is convenient – opposed to going to the banking halls, a debit card allows you to withdraw cash anytime from numerous locations where debit cards are acceptable.
  • It is cheaper – with your debit card, you will be able to avoid money order fees as well as fees associated with cashing checks.
  • You can track your spending – a debit card comes with free and readily available account information. You also enjoy round the clock customer service.
  • It is reliable – with debit cards, you will be receiving your payments on time and you will not fall victim of stolen or lost checks.
  • Access your benefits at

Accessing Your Payments Using The Debit Card:

Accessing your funds using the debit card is not hard. This service is free of charge. You can access funds by:

  • Bank tellers at banks that accept visa cards.
  • You can transfer your UI payments to the account you bank with. This works the same way as making direct deposits.
  • One can make cash withdrawals from various ATM machines. You can access cash ATM services from Citibank branches, 7-eleven stores, MoneyPass ATM network, and STARsf ATM NETWORK/Allpoint ATMs.
  • You can enjoy cash back benefits from various retail POS locations.
  • You can purchase via pin based or signature transactions.

Registering For Maryland UI Citi Prepaid Services:

  • You first need to log on to the official site that is provided
  • On the main page, you will find username and password options, you use this when you are already registered; if you are not down on the page, you will find an option for first timers. Click here
  • On this page, you will need  to fill in all the areas required such as country, zip code, card number and security code
  • When you are done you are taken through the final stage and then you can be said to have made an application

On Address Change:

When you change your address, it is mandatory that you inform DUI (department of unemployment insurance) on 410-949-0022 or 1-800-827-4839. Even though payment checks are not sent by mail, they will need your address to send you notices and you are required to respond to the notices on time, as it can deny or delay your benefits.

Contacting Citibank:

It is advisable to contact Citibank in case you lose your card or you suspect unauthorized use. To add to this, it is also advisable to inform the bank and the department of unemployment insurance of any changes in your telephone number.


If you are a recipient of unemployment insurance in Maryland, it is a great idea to apply for the Citibank debit card as it makes your life a whole lot easier.

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