Apply For A Merrick Bank Secured Card

Acquiring a credit card is fraught with both great risk as well as abounding opportunities. Risk, in the sense that if you do not understand the dynamics that govern your credit card you could be walking towards a financial abyss; opportunity because depending on the card product that you acquire a credit card can offer you a financial life line that in ways is unparalleled.

The article however is not about the advantages or disadvantages that come with credit cards. The article is tailored to offer a guideline of sorts to those who want to apply for a Merrick card secured card. The card is issued by the Merrick Bank of Canada; the application for the secured card resembles something like this:

Guidelines To Applying For A Merrick Bank Card

  • Your very  first step should be visiting the official site:;
  • On the main web page of this link, there is a segment that is tagged cardholder log in, under this tag there is an active link that is tagged apply for a secured card, click on to it;
  • The window that is open to you lets you apply for this card via the online route. There is a set of questions that you need to answer to qualify for the card – the most important question (s) are definitely those that deal with your social security number, your gross annual income, and your contacts( your e-mail address, and your residential address);
  • There are naturally terms and agreements that you must read and if you agree to abide by them you need only press the agree button and you are good to go. This represents the end of the process that it entails applying for a card.

Why Apply For This Card

Before applying for this card, you will definitely want to know what advantages it has over other cards in the market, that is a health curiosity; the advantages  that this card brings on the table are a myriad – for one it is secured( which means that it has a collateral that backs it up, in this case the collateral is your deposit); secondly and unlike a pre paid card  the activity of this  secured card read your monthly payments are reported to a credit bureau – this is significant in the sense that reporting aides you in building up your credit history, this significantly improves your chances of borrowing from financial institutions of different kinds. Lastly, your credit line can vary from as little as $ 200 to as much as $ 3,000.


The card that comes from Merrick Bank comes with a number of advantages- for one it is accepted worldwide; your security savings are secured by the Federal Deposit Protection Fund; similarly, you are equipped with online tools that are designed to manage your accounts online for absolutely free. These are some of the advantages that come to you when you elect to have this card issued by Merrick Bank as your credit card of choice, apply for one today.

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