Conveniently Pay Your MetroPCS Phone Bills Online

You go do it! No you go do it! Paying bills have always been a reason of dispute among brothers or tenants especially since it is the most hectic and boring work to do. Long lines, waste of time, standing and hurting your legs while waiting for your turn but now Metro PCS have not just made the billing easy but in fact easy is not even the right word to describe the term in fact they have excluded the bill paying from the definition of work. Now we can pay our bills sitting on our couch or sipping hot tea. The online bill payment is a revolutionary change that has been bought by many banks but the introduction of bill payment through cell phone network provider services.

How To Pay Your Bills Without Moving A Foot?

1-      Go online and visit the MetroPCS website.

2-      You must be a MetroPCS customer.

3-      Login to your account and if you don’t have your account then make one.

4-      Once your account is activated then enter the postal code of your neighborhood.

5-      Enter the number of money, Pin number, C2W number, required information, your cell phone number and then click the “Next” button and that’s all.

6-      Re check the information that you have entered and with just another click on submit you have paid your bill which was suppose to be 2 or 3 hour long process.

What Other Services Are Available By Your Metropcs Account?

1-      All the new packages relating your network are easily searched.

2-      The details of the previous bill history can also be easily seen.

3-      The new arrivals are easily available on your account.


1-      It pays your bill when you can’t.

2-      The money is returned by you to the e-wallet when you have it

3-      The notification is sent to your phone via SMS informing you that your money is due.

4-      You can easily plan to collect money to pay back.


1-The bill float is also another scheme supported by MetroPCS

5-      The bill is paid by the bill float and all you have to do is to have an account t and you can return the money to the bill float when you have it.

The MetroPCS has made it very easy for its customers to pay the bills and have provided many applications and facilities for it. It not just only works with 4G network and also runs on CDMA technology system. It is a complete wireless service and we can not only pay our bills by visiting our account from a computer but also can pay our bills from our smart phones or tablets. We can also check the bill that whether they have been paid or not.

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