A Guide To Michael Kors Fashion

Michael Kors discovered his passion for designing when he was nineteen. He sharpened this edge when he went on to study at NYC’s Fashion Institute of Design. His first foray in the world of fashion begun in1981 when the Michael Kors line was launched-it was an all female line back then. The designer became a household name in part because of featuring on Project Runway, Bravo TV. In his newfound celebrity Micheal Kors has dressed divas such as Catherine Zeta Jones, and Jennifer Lopez.

A guide to Michael Kors fashion

For women who adore products from the Michael Kors line, the following dress designs are the latest additions from this fashion stable:


  • Hand Knitted cashmere shawl cardigan: Retailing for the price of $ 3,600 this product comes in black color;
  • Off the shoulder cashmere sweater: It retails for the price of $ 1,000 and comes in color black;
  • Ribbed cashmere sweater: It retails for the price of $ 800, and comes in the color green.


  • Stretch wool crepe dress: This retails for $ 1500 and comes in the turquoise color;
  • Bead and sequin embellished metallic lace skirt: Retailing for a whopping $ 8,000 this lace skirt comes is dirt brown color and will give you the look of the Tsarina’s of days of yore.
  • Satin Crepe gown: This evening dress comes in the color red and retails for the price of $ 1,800


  • Stretch wool skinny pants: This retail for the price of $ 550 and come in charcoal grey color;
  • Samantha Plaid wool pants: This pants have a brackish background color, and will cost you some $ 634;
  • Samantha Checked stretch wool pants: This pair of pants retails for the price of $ 634.


  • Ostrich Effect Leather Tote – This tote bag is red in color and retails for the price of slightly above $ 1,000;
  • Gia saddle leather color block leather shoulder bag: Retailing for the price of $ 1200, this is a bag that defines chic.

The above products are but a fraction of the Micheal Kors collection. The products listed above are currently available from all leading luxury clothing stores worldwide. To get more than a snippet on the clothes on offer from the Michael Kors collection follow the link provided: Michael Kor. The Michael Kors line was originally women’s wear but men were brought on board in the year 2002.The initial response was tepid, but by 2004 the label had put up roots in the world of men’s wear.

For those that love opulence and glitz then the Michael Kors brand guarantees you that you will stand out from the crowd. Currently, Michael Kors has got boutiques with full collections in Palm Beach, Chicago, Beverly Hills, Manhathan and New York. With his affordable line, Michael Kors has managed to make his fashion designs available to those that cannot afford high-end stores prices.  Check out the offers at www.michaelkors.com and you could just go away with a Michael Kors memento.

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