Register On Millsberry – The Ultimate Fun Filled Guide

Millsberry is the name of an advergame site created by General Mills. The Gaming site is the marketing tool and it contains shops, arcade, homes, Millsberry Gazette, weekly newspaper and events. The mills berry is so much liked by so many users because its graphics and formats are completely unique from the others. It is fun to play and is very interesting having its own personal characters which are chosen as avatars by each member. It also has its own wallpapers, printable keepsakes and the instant messenger icons and it keeps on introducing new things and items with the passage of time. Creating your account on Mills berry is very simple and playing its games is simpler.

How To Register On Mills berry?

Millsberry is liked by every game fan and the age limit has been eliminated in this site because the users of every age like to play at Millsberry arcade. The following steps will easily make you a member of the Mills berry after the registration.


1-      Click on the link    gaming site.

2-      Select your Username according to your choice and its validity.

3-      Select astron password and make sure that you always remember it. The password should be a strong one.

4-      Enter your E-mail address.

5-      Enter your Birthday and date.

6-      Enter your Gender so that you can select your avatar accordingly.

7-      Enter the CAPTCHA attentively.

8-      Click on Agree after reading its terms and conditions.

9-      Click on Create account and your account has been created and you are now a registered member of the Millsberry.

10-   After signing up and giving the required information log in to your account.

11-   Give a nick to your avatar.

12-  Give your avatar all the stuff it needs and accessories it.

13-  Go to the arcade and start playing games.


1-      A computer with internet connection.

2-      Interest in online games and some information about them.

3-      Time after your study time. A suitable division of time must be made.

4-      You can play it all day on your holiday and win all the trophies in that day.

5-      Do not overburden your mind with the game and the idea of winning trophies as it is a very hectic work.

6-      Do not go to the website again and again as winning the trophies take time.

MillsBerry Game Names:

1-      Trick touchdown.

2-      Bumper boats.

3-      Editor and Chief.

4-      Black Belt Karate.

5-      Lucky Charm Sudoku.

6-      Slap shot shootout.

7-      Luck charms charmed life.

8-      Wave Blaster.

9-      Millsberry hide n seek.

10-  Galactic defender adventure.

11-  Sherman home run.

12-  Hop n drop.

13-  Horton hears.

14-  Cinnamon toast

15-  Rope race

16-  Sink the three and a lot more.

The Trophy System

You have to earn points to win the trophies in each game. Some games have the trophies and some don’t but to get ahead of the rest of the players you have to collect the maximum trophies by playing and winning the credits. You can also change avatars or get Sylvie who will definitely make you the winner as the winning of the trophy is also based on the efficiency of the avatar and its skills.

Millsberry is a very much fun gaming site that everyone who is a big gaming fan should visit and enjoy their extra time by having a lot of fun and the time will pass without you even realizing it.


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