Guide To Play The Monkey Quest

Monkey quest is launched by Nickelodeon virtual world group. It is massively multiplayer online video game is a cartoony game that has a very low combat feature. Kids can make avatar of their favorite monkey which then moves on to adventurous endeavors. The game is a multiplayer game and requires a fast internet connection. A moderate or high capacity system will be required to let the puzzler play smoothly on the screen.

Theme Of Monkey Quest:

Monkey quest is based on the theme line of five monkey tribes that rule the Ook after their monkey king disappeared while fighting with the Evil Demon Ka. Now Demon Ka is back with a vengeance and the lead player (a cartoon monkey) is aiming to get this demon out of their beloved abode. During their journey to find the secret of the Evil demon they come across many challenges, find alien territories. The players become more and more powerful with the passage of time as they become older players.

User Friendly Interface: Kids Love It

  1. Navigation keys used are simple arrow keys on the keyboard.
  2. The game does not have help on how to play but tutorials are given in the form of tips here and there.
    1. To Jump                               Use Space Bar and arrow key in desired direction.
    2. Hot Keys                              C,V, B, N etc are used to equip the player with weapons and potions.

Types Of Quest

The Monkey Quests are at four different types namely, Cross Road, Sea Dragon, Ootu Mystiques, Chim Foo. These represent different stages of difficulty as the game progresses from a simple level to advanced level and mobes around the persistent world of Ook.

Monkey quest players can get two types of rewards Bananas and NC (Nick Cash) . Bananas are used to buy something in the virtual world while Nick Cash is the virtual representation of real money.

Daily quests are free and require no Nick Cash but Main quests of higher / advanced lever require a player to either buy or to become a member using real money.

How To Get A Free Trial Version

Go to the sitewww.monkeyquest .com/en /home    and enjoy your trial version

  1. Lick the large sign “Play in the middle of the screen”.
  2. Click Play Now.
  3. Enter first name email address gender and age.
  4. Continue and verify email address.
  5. You will be sent a confirmation email on this email account along with a link for you to follow that will take you to the account authentication page automatically.
  6. Follow the link to get you account activated and join Nickelodeon’s virtual world.

Conclusion: A Little Cost And Benefit

The game is the representative of newest level gaming solutions. Being a role playing MMO it provides kids the opportunity to learn role playing. Since the game is highly interactive massively multiplayer game it cannot be played on a simple Personal computer but runs well on PS2 and other gaming consoles. The game I very interactive, user friendly nd designed carefully to suit the entertainment requirements of the younger kids.


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