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About Company

Be it Meat lovers or salad freaks, weight watchers or fast food junkies Applebee’s is the Eutopia of foodies of any kind. Through its far reaching franchised distributions Applebee’s feeds the New age America in the traditional American way. If have no time to spend in kitchen or own a business that needs bulk purchase then Applebee’s is the one stop solution to all your worries over hygienic, tast, traditional American style casual food.

About Survey

To solicit its customers feedback on various aspects of its product offering Applebee’s conducts its customer experience survey. For this purpose they have hired Empathica Inc. a customer experience and feedback management service company specialized in retail and restaurant business.

The Applebee’s services have a global reach with operation in Asia and America and Greece in the Europe. The Applebee’s customer satisfaction survey is a way to let Applebee know what you think of the customer service representative and how well you think they served you. Empathica Rules: http://www.empathica.com/en-rules/

How To Take Part In Applebee’s Feedback Survey


A valid purchase receipt from Applebee’s store and an internet connection is all that you need to get part in the survey.

Step By step Guide

  1. Www.MyApplebeesVisit.com is the website that hosts the customer feedback survey. By simply typing this address in the address bar you can log on to http://ww3.empathica.com/sxml/applebees/langCountryLand.html.
  2.  Next step is choice of country that automatically narrows doe n the language choice. The survey is conducted in English for Canada, and also in other languages like Arabic for franchises in Arab, and Spanish for U.S.A. Puerto Rico and Mexico:.
  3. Now fill in the details of your recent purchase receipt at any Applebee’s store. Like store number, serial number for transaction, date and time at the receipt and the customer service person –The server.
  4. Start answering questions and fill the form as required and instructed by the survey directions for each question.


Casual dining was never so much fun .Not to mention the menu is not that sketcy too… If you are dining regularly t Applebee’s or have just joined the gang of their elite customers here is the right chance for you to provide your feedback. What more? You could earn a free gift card or a cash prize for next stop at any Applebee’s restaurant.

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