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Arkansas is the lottery commission of Arkansas City and providing lottery funds for the schools and universities. By Arkansas lottery scholarships for the students and other people are provided. By Arkansas lottery people gets a continued entertainment, the generated revenue is maximized, the dignity and integrity of the process is also preserved.The people can get lots of benefits by the Arkansas lottery. The people can participate in it online with ease and convenience. The online procedure is time saving as well as it saves you from visiting the office. Take part in the lottery and win your scholarships. The draw is held through computer so there is no chance of any mistake. It is legal for the adults in the United States but in Louisiana the people of minimum age can also take part in it.

About Arkansas Lottery Commission:

Arkansas is a city located in the North region of United States. Arkansas scholarship lottery is governed by the government of Arkansas. A ballot question was approved by the Arkansas voters that made the lottery ticket sale legal. In the United States it was the first lottery that was held computerized.


  •  Your ticket.
  • Should buy ticket within 90 days.
  • For the players of online games you have time of 180 days.


  •  To claim your prize, visit the online website at
  • There are tabs given on the top of the page, there is a link “claim you prize” click on it.
  • On the page you are given with the guide.
  • First you have to sign on the ticket, and for the signature you are given the space at the back of the ticket.
  • If you are playing games online then you must claim your prize with in 180 days other wise you have 90 days, you must claim your prize within the specified days.
  • You can redeem your prize through mail or also by going to any retailer.
  • You can get online form on this page to claim file and fill it with photo identity card, U.S passport, U.S army force, and other mentioned essential information.
  • Send it to , P.O. Box 3838, Little Rock, AR 72203.


The scholarship lottery system is for the betterment of the students and also for the entertainment of the residents. The claiming process is very easy you just need to go to the site and the rest is very easy, instructions are given there and you need to follow them and you will be added to the draw which is conducted by computer.

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