Register For Century Link To Get 20Mbps Speed

Perhaps you are mulling over the idea of venturing into the business of re-seller hosting or selling bandwidth in whatever fashion,  maybe your ambitions are more humble – you simply want to get connected to the net and are looking for an Internet Service Provider (ISP); whatever you are in the can address all matters regarding Internet connectivity. You answer, or the name that you must remember is Century Link.

Century Link is the third largest telecommunications company in the USA and provides data, voice, and other managed services via fiber optic cables and multiple data centers. The clients of this business enterprise are spread out throughout counties, states, and in select oversee countries. Regardless of whether you are looking for internet connectivity from this enterprise or you need to be allocated a number of IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, you have to register / have an account with the firm. The guidelines to opening an account with the enterprise resemble something like this:

Guideline :

  • Your first port of call will be the home page of Century Link; the following link will get you there-  ;
  • At the right hand side o f that page (the top) there is an active link tagged Manage My Account, click on it;
  • Your search is directed to an account set up page, and on this page you are supposed to click on enroll now button that essentially begins the account opening process. The entire process begins when you give your phone number that then facilitates communication between you and the ISP;

Why Register With Century Link:

Century Link is an ISP entity that essentially offers the internet to both residential and commercial set ups. When you partner with this firm you are assured of technical support 24 hours a day seven days a week. You also get a 30 day guarantee when you are hooked up on the service, and you get a suite of anti virus protection as well as additional security features that you get on your internet security. The prices offered for all products are competitively priced, and with a client base of 30 million plus and growing you can bet that there is something that the entity is doing right. The ISP has a number of offers with regard to internet speeds. The speeds range from as fast as 1.5Mbps to 20Mbps on the extreme end of the continuum.  You can easily tap into this world courtesy of a self installation kit that will take no less than 30 minutes to install- on this portal you can watch online television via internet,  you have access to many email features, et al. Get on the phone and get connected today.


The offers that are available in the competitive world of bandwidth are such that in most cases it is the client who emerges the winner from the entire process. When you get not only fairly priced product plus quality in delivery you can be sure that you – the client- will be the ultimate winner.

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