Take The Chick-Fil-A Survey And Win Coupon

The visiting survey is easy to conduct and you are needed to give your experience and nothing else is required and it is beneficiary for both the customers and for the service providers as they can improve their quality of products and other services. You are given the freedom of expression. And you are not restricted for any kind of suggestion of complaints.The online satisfaction survey is conducted for saving the time of the customers as they can get the questionnaire online and so is easy to fill it through internet. At the end of the survey you will be given a coupon free of cost so next time visit you can get a free sandwich by showing that coupon. Your time is not wasted in the questionnaire because this way you are helping the management and in return you are also given a reward coupon.

About Chick-Fil-A:

In the United States Chick-Fil-A is famous for the chain of restaurants that provides fast food. In the District of Columbia and 39 states of U.S. there are about 1500 restaurants providing fresh ingredient boast and chicken products. To improve the services and products they provide, the authority has introduced a survey for the customers to share their experience about the restaurant.


  •  To take the survey online you just need the receipt of the restaurant you visited last time.


  •  For the online survey to win a free coupon go to the following web address www.mychickfilavisit.com.
  • Select the language you understand.
  • Then type the serial number from your receipt in the given box and click on the button “start”.
  • You will be given the survey questionnaire, fill the entire survey honestly.
  • At the completion of your survey, you will be have a validation code, note it down on the back of your receipt and you can redeem your code to get a coupon when you visit the restaurant next time.


The online survey is very simple to take online. You must take the survey as it is the right of the company to know about the customer’s feedback and the quality of their products according to their customers. The survey is advantageous for companies in a way that they can make their brand more trusted by improving the services according to the customer’s will. So you must not hesitate in taking the survey.

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