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Health plans, Life and Accident insurance, Disability and Workers Compensation case along with Group disability. Its headquarters are present in Grove Road Bloomfield, Connecticut. United States. The main theme for CIGNA is health care management and is a global health care company which is expanding itself and has rooted itself not only in Connecticut but also in Phoenix, Arizona and is running its full time services throughout the region. It has about 29,300 employs. It provides its services in about 25 countries.

What Are The Benefits Of CIGNA Online Management Services?

1-      You can access the website for help any time any place you want to.

2-      You can view the latest and the old health packages or plans.

3-      Request and print the ID card.

4-      View the latest benefits latest information.

5-      Manage the user profiles and so on.

6-      You can also access the planning suggestions.

How To Register For CIGNA Online Management Services?


1-      The person must be a CIGNA client.

2-      The person must have a computer along with the internet access.

3-      The registration process is easy fast and convenient and you only need a little time to get registered.


1-      Go to website.

2-      Click on “Register Now” which is present at the top right of the website page.

3-      Fill the required information which includes the group plan or policy number and this information can be easily attained from the member ID card or in the enrollment materials present into the required box.

4-      Fill your member ID which is provided by the employer as the primary member.

5-      Before clicking on the “Submit” button fill the blanks with the required personal information like first name, last name, date of birth and e-mail address.

6-      Follow the easy steps required by the website and complete your registration process.

7-      Once your registration has been completed you can manage your plan.

What To Do When You Require Further Help?

If you need further help then you can always refer to the help page by clicking on the help page link 

What Is The Mission Of The CIGNA?

The mission of the CIGNA is to ensure the health of their clients and for their wellbeing. They also have the goal to create a sense of security in their clients. It has been successfully doing its duty since 1982 to the present.

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