Guide To Register For Creditkeeper Membership

Credit cards, Consumer banking, banking, finance, investment banking, mortgage loans, private banking and wealth management are the services provided by the HSBC which has the headquarter in London, United Kingdom and is a multinational banking and financial services company which is declared as the world’s second largest in banking and finance. It has 7200 offices in about 85 countries and its services are worldwide.

What Is Creditkeeper?

CreditKeeper is a program by HSBC card service which is of comprehensive type. The customers are explaining it as the HSBC credit cards are now coming up with keepers for their security. The program is for the customers of the credit cards to give them the financial tools so that they can manage the transaction history of their credit cards and much more.


1-      The customers can easily view the transaction history of their credit cards.

2-      They can also correct the errors in the amount if they find any.

3-      They are given maximum tools to maximize their credit score.

4-      You are given easy and immediate access to your online credit reports.

5-      If you buy a car, electronics or any expensive item then it will cause a great difference in your credit card amount

6-      You can also manage this amount from your online account.

What Is The Procedure To Register The Creditkeeper Membership?


1-      You need a computer.

2-      You need an internet access.

3-      You should be a first time user of CreditKeeper membership Portal.

4-      You should have a CreditKeeper member number which is valid.


1-      Click on the link and you will be directed to the home page of the CreditKeeper website.

2-      Once you have the screen displaying the homepage click on the “Register” option.

3-      Enter the required information related to the CreditKeeper membership.

4-      The information includes the member number, name, home phone number, address, e-mail address, city, Zip, state, mother’s maiden name along with the birth date.

5-      Create a username and password which is suitable for you.

6-      Once you have entered all the information click on “Submit”

7-      Your CreditKeeper membership registration process has been completed.

What To Do If You Need Any Kind Of Further Information?

If you need any kind of further information which is linked to the CreditKeeper then you can contact the Customer care service or you can also refer to the FAQs.

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