Apply For A Discover Card By Using Invitation Number

About Company

Discover card is issued by Discover financial services is the third largest card in terms of usage and has a user base of almost five million. The major credit card solution by the bank includes student, personal and business credit cards.

The discover debit cards were launched in 2006 and are exclusively offered on an invitation only basis by the Discover bank’s acquired subsidiary Pulse network. Unlike its major competitors American Express card, Visa Card and Master Card it the discover cards is issued directly through its Discover banking services.

A Little On Discover Financial Services And Pulse Network

Discover financial Services Company was founded in 1985 as a subsidiary of Sears, Inc. The company is publicly traded at NYSE and offers home loan, Mortgage loan, student loan, personal loans, and savings products to a wide range of customers.

Speaking in terms of credit limit and dollar spending “Discover Financial” is the world’s fourth largest card issuer after Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and City Group. Through its own interbank Electronic Funds Transfer network called “Pulse” it offers a wider network Pulse network also provides services in areas outside larger cities through a its affiliation with China union pay ATM consortium.

Discover invitation only cards are personal credit cards or individual needs that are issued to a Niche of Dicover’s existing customers through invitation in offer letter.

Step By Step Process

  1. To apply for invitation only debit card through Discover website visit the website of discover at .
  2. Click on the All Products and services and choose “personal cards” from pull down menu to go to  credit cards home page of the discover website at
  3. Go to Tab “Get a discover card” thios will leadto the card application page at the URL choose “Respond to mail offer” for the pull down menu.
  4. Enter the invitation number received in offered letter in the mail from Discover Bank.
  5. Follow further instructions to complete the online application.


Signing up at discover website to get a only discover personal credit card is very easy. All you need is the invitation number you received in the offer letter and follow through few easy steps to get your own personal credit card.

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