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Technology is improving by the time and is accommodating us in all the possible ways. The things we use to do by going out and making our self hell tired are now all done through online means. Everything has gone online which is helping us to make our lives way too easier then the old times. Similarly the payroll systems have also been changed with the passage of time. Majority of the organizations have opt out and established and had developed to change to payroll systems that are paperless. This is because it is way too convenient and apart from being convenient it is much more efficient if we simply compare it with traditional ways. Those traditional ways that was being used in order to all those checks that were delivered through mail. The services of Citi prepaid offer you and accommodates you with such sort of solution only for your ease.

What is the Citi prepaid services?

First of all you need to be aware of what the services of Citi prepaid are actually. These are the services which are actually the payment solution that is electronic which help different types of organizations in increasing their efficiency and all in all in order to reduce their costs. When the pay day is here the employer is able to deposit funds in a direct way in the Citi prepaid cards of the employees. This is very easy as well as efficient. This way the employee is able to receive the payment in an immediate way. Moreover they are able to manage and handle their account in an easy and convenient way online, apart from this they are able to view their transactions with great ease, they can check their balance, are able to pay all sort of bills and much more.

Ways To Manage And Access Online Account Of Citi Prepaid Card:


1-      A computer is required with the access of internet.

2-      In order to start up with the process it is must to hold a Citi prepaid card.


Step-By-Step Guide

1-      First of all you are required to visit the website of Citi prepaid and have a look on all the things and conditions.

2-      If this is the case that you never viewed the website before then you are required to register first. For this you need to hit click on “Register your card now” which would be written under the section marked as “First time user?”

3-      Enter the security code as well as the card number.

4-      Instructions are to be followed so that registration is completed.

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