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If someone of you wants to get free items at a specific store or some discounts on any of your desired products then you must go for the online survey arranged by My Express. They are willing to know how does the customers feel about their services and either they are satisfied or not. It is the best way to get the customer’s decision. The customers, if they want something to be changed in a store then they must give it some time to take the survey over internet or in the store. The online process is the easiest one as it takes few minutes as well as it is effortless. You can do it wherever you find an internet connection and a device to connect with it. Take your survey as your duty because it is all about you and concerned to you.

The online method to complete a survey is far easier than any other method. With in few minutes you can do it.


  • Visit the following web address to take the survey .
  • You will see to large sized and red colored button, on one of them “English” is written and on the other “Espanol” is written.
  • Click on the one button as you understand the language.
  • There is a filed given to type the invitation code of 16 digits.
  • Hit the red colored arrow to proceed.
  • In the next window you will be given the questionnaire.
  • Read out the questionnaire well and answer the entire questionnaire as you have experienced.
  • After you have completed your survey a validation code is issued to you by the company.
  • Note down the code on a piece of paper and when you visit the store next time you can get discount by showing this code.


Now you can have discount of $ 15 at her store by taking its survey which you can access over their online website. The feedbacks of all the customers are valued and they are used to make improvements in the services and products. Not only this, you can also get a gift prize in the form of discount or some other special offers.

About Company:

It is the name which governs more than 600 retail stores based in United States and Puerto Rico. They have launched a survey questionnaire on their official website so they could maintain their services.

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