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 Florida County is being maintained and operated by the Florida Association of Court Clerks Services Group for about 10 years which is a member–operated group of county officials. It is a dedicated team of efficient staff in Tallahassee and their tasks involve the website maintenance, answering the questions of the clients, processing payments, trouble shooting the individual payment with the customers, providing the ongoing support for the improvement of the website. The website provides the internet access on the statewide bases for the local and state government services along with the informational help. The tool of electronic commerce is attained over the internet with the help of this website as it is very easy, cost efficient and the most preferred way of handling the transactions which otherwise take a lot of time as the person has to wait in line for the clerks walk in counter or the letter in the mailroom.


1-      You can go through your credit card transaction inquiry.

2-      You can take part in child support by creating an account and get instant verification that your funds have reached at their destination.

3-      You can quickly pay the traffic ticket without waiting in lines.

4-      You can order for records without having to search in the heavy bundles and piles of files.

Step By Step Guide


1-      You must have a computer and an internet

2-      You must be a legal resident of Florida

3-      You must be having a case number or a problem to be solved by the county.


1-      Click on the link which will direct you to the My Florida County website at

2-      Enter your name, phone, e-mail along with your case or the order number in the required field.

3-      Create your account on My Florida County.

4-      You can also take help from the frequently asked questions services available on the website.

5-      You will be responded by the county on My Florida County and will be guided onwards by him or her according to your problem or issue.

6-      You can take help for child support, you can pay for the traffic tickets plus you can also order the official records at MY Florida County.

In What Other Ways Can You Get A Florida County Help?

You can also contact them through Phone or Fax as their business hours are weekdays 8:00 am to 5:00pm EST and if you are calling in the non- business hour then you have to leave a message so that you can get a return call.

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