Guide To Activate Your Green Dot Prepaid Card

Green dot is a completely public company which deals in finance. Its major description is that it issues the prepaid Visa and Master cards in the United States. Its products are available not only in its stores but it has also collaborated with many famous corporations and its cards are available their too. It has about 50,000 retail stores plus the products are also available as discount offerings in Walmart and Meijer while cards are available in RadioShack, Walgreen, CVS and Rite Aid. Its headquarters are in Monrovia, California. The balance from the card is deducted by the balance which is in stored in the card having no credit line or a checking account. The cards are accepted all around the world.

What Is The Quality Of The Green Dot Prepaid Card?

The most efficient quality of the Green Dot Prepaid card is that it is the fastest activation card. Its activation process is completed not even in minutes but in seconds. This saves you from the fatigue of standing in waiting lines.

What Is The Most Prominent Facility Of The Green Dot Card?

It is widely accepted in about all the important business districts like Walmart, Walgreens, K-mart, 7-Eleven etc. You don’t need to carry fat wallets when you have to go shop for your monthly grocery.

How To Activate The Green Dot Prepaid Card?


1-      The Registered Green Dot package card which is included in your Green Dot Package.

2-      A computer which you can use easily.

3-      A good internet access.


1-      Visit the

2-      Enter your card information as it is required.

3-      16- Digit personalized card number is required.

4-      You need the last four digits of your social security number.

5-      You need the code which is shown in the box below.

6-      Expiration date of the card along with digital security code is also required.

7-      The information will be available on your Green Dot package.

8-      Click on “Next” once you have provided all the required information.

9-      Make sure that the information you have given is accurate.

10-  Now finish the rest of the activation steps.

What To Do For Further Help?

If you require any further help or information you can always refer to the Green Dot FAQs section by clicking on its link.

To get the card you don’t need to pass a credit check and having the card will not even create your v=credit history. It is a completely tension free card for tension free life.

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