My Iceland Survey, Door To Get £1000 Cash

A survey is the easiest and attractive way to fetch the attention of customers towards the services by any company. At present times there is no one that is unaware of it. Even then for the people who are confused about the survey it is stated that survey is a kind of suggestion form. Where you are given few questions regarding the items and services offered by a specific company and you have to give your suggestions about all what you are asked. This is a simplest way to get prizes of discounts at a store where you love to shop and visit mostly. If you are willing to take this survey then you are supposed to keep the shopping receipt with you as without it you are unable to take it.

The survey is now made much simpler than ever before as it is available over internet where you can view many other products of the company together with the survey.


  • To get the questionnaire page visit 
  • At the opened page there are few boxes given to be filled.
  • You have to enter the date when you visited the store.
  • Mention the time of your visit in the respective block.
  • You are needed to enter the transaction reference.
  • After you have filled all the boxes hit “next”.
  • The questionnaire will be shown on the next page.
  • While you are answering the questions you must keep all the services in view and answer each of the questions accordingly.
  • If the survey is completed, press “finish”, after submitting your answers.
  • To get notifications about the prize you must give your email address.


Without doing anything if you are awarded £ 1000 then it is not a big deal. Just only for few minutes you can get such a great prize. It is not all about the prize but you are also participating in the company’s progress. You may think how, then the answer to it is by suggesting some of the good steps you can improve the services of company and it will obviously progress this way.

About Company:

This is a company that is serving the people of United Kingdom and Ireland. The store is specialized in the items that are in frozen form especially frozen meat and vegetables.

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