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Insight is based in United States and is a financial company. The company is a leading prepaid card industry with and extreme passionate spirit of delivering new, revolutionary innovative financial services for their clients, customers and important dealing parties. Their services also include the availability of the financial solutions for the millions of customers who are lacking a traditional and necessary need of a bank account. The Prepaid Card of Insight MasterCard is issued by Urban Trust Bank or First California Bank. The head quarter of Insight is in Homewood present in the State of Alabama, United States.


The online banking is the new trend of the new era. Everyone prefers a bank which has the online account services because now people want their banks to be just a few clicks away instead of few miles as the theme for the new generation and era is speed. The Insight has launched its online services for their holders of MasterCard prepaid card. They can easily access the details of their card from their web accounts of Insight.

1-      They can easily manage their accounts from the internet.

2-      They can view their balance.

3-      They can check their transaction history along with their account information.

4-      They can also receive the direct deposits plus they can also make the online payments along with all the other tools provided to them for managing their online account.

5-      You can get access to your Insight Online account from wherever and whenever you want to.

6-      It is quick, easy and very simple.

Step By Step Guide


1-      You need a computer with an internet access.

2-      You need to be MasterCard prepaid cardholder of the Insight.

3-      You should have your card number with you.


1-      Click on the link and you will be directed to the Insight MasterCard prepaid card holder service website.

2-      Now once you have opened the website page now click on the line which has been marked as “register for a web account”

3-      Now provide your card number in the field where it is required.

4-      Once you have provided the correct card number now click on the option marked as “Proceed”

5-      Complete the registration process for your online Insight account by following the guided steps and instructions.

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