Create My Medicare On The Go Report To Display Selected Information

Helping people in saving their time has introduced online services. On the Go report is quite easy to create online, the thing you need is to register first and then create the report and you are enabled to share only that information which you want. The application needs your personal information for security measures and to contact you in any case of emergency.You can escape going to the local office and wait for your turn, now go to the site and create your account to access the services. The information you give will be kept secure and is not breached so no need to worry about any kind of fraud or something else. Free of any tension go to the site and create your account for better services and good health.

About Medicare.Gov:

Federal government of United States is administrating it from 1965, Medicare is the name of insurance program at national social level and it guarantees health insurance for the Americans who are qualified for it. U.S government has launched its official website for the ease of its people. Through internet you can manage the life insurance and anything that is related to Medicare.


  •  The age limit to access the service is 64 years and 9 months.
  • You require your Zip Code and Date of birth.
  • You need your medical number along with you.


  •  To create your On the Go report, visit the home page at .
  • Find out the option “Create an account” below the login option.
  • Start providing medical number, last number, date of birth, gender and zip code.
  • Tick the option to certify the above information.
  • And accept the web and online confidential agreement.
  • Click on continue and find the page where you have to give your personal information.
  • Provide user name, password, and security question. Create your account password.
  • Click on “Submit’ button and get successfully registration message.
  • Return to the home page and get in to your account by signing in the account.
  • At the end you are given two check boxes, tick them after reading carefully.
  • Click on the green colored button “continue”.
  • This is it you are signed up, for the next time sign in to your account and create your report and send to the doctor.


The online registration process is easy and not so complicated that it causes problems in understanding. The complete process is just of not more 15 minutes. Within less time you can get access to everything that is provided on the website. The most important benefit of the report is that you can send the selected information to the doctor or any consultant, and the things you do not want to share then you have authority to deduct them.

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