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Outback is one of the most famous steakhouse and its branches are present in 22 countries in the form of1200 restaurants which are maintaining the brand’s quality with complete responsibility. They are famous for presenting the most versatile dishes made up of steak and they are all fresh and delicious. To make a good relation between the customers and the administration the Outback has launched its new advertising tool which is to thank their customers by giving them reward points. The more you visit the more you will get these points and once you have collected many you will get the reward.

How Can We Earn Points?

You can easily earn the points by visiting and dining in any Outback restaurant. When you will be paying your bill you will get a receipt of your bill along with a code printed down on your receipt. When you will enter this code on the website you will earn points. The more you visit the more points you will get.

What Is The Benefit Of Earning These Points?

Giving these reward points to their customers is the way of the Outback’s administration to thank them that is why when you will be able to collect a lot of points then you will be able to get free food invitations from the Outback in exchange of those points or you can also gain access to special events or sweepstakes instead of the free food invitations as a reward.

How Can We Get These Benefits Online?


1-      Visit the Outback restaurant.

2-      Don’t throw away the receipt after paying your bill as it will have the code to get your point.

3-      Go to the Outback’s website.

4-      Log in to your Outback account if you have it already.

5-      Otherwise click on “Join my Outback rewards now”.

6-      Enter the information required.

7-      Chose your password.

8-      Click on Submit.

9-      Now log in to your account and enter the cod printed on your receipt below.

10-  You will get the reward points.

11-  To collect more and more reward points visit the Outback again and again.

12-  Finally you will be able to get free food invitations or access to special events or sweepstakes.

13-  Enjoy your reward


1-      Your required information.

2-      Your receipt from your recent visit at the Outback’s.

3-      You’re resident of the country where the Outback restaurant/s is/are present.

4-      No act of damaging the site otherwise you will be banned from it and even legal action can be taken against you.

Outback is a very successful chain of restaurants and is still gaining popularity day by day with its new tactics and schemes as valuing the customer and making the customer realize it is a very successful strategy to spread your business and its popularity.

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