Register And Start Enjoying Fresh Bread With Panera Bakers

Panera is the maker and seller of fresh backed breads that serves Canadian and United States consumers with deliciously healthy and nutritious breads of many types. Its website offers a choice of bakery and café menus to choose from.

Cardholder Offer

The Panera card is basically a gift card to reward loyal customers of Panera through complimentary bakery – café items, baking and cooking tips, passes for special events and food preview or tasting of latest recipes etc. The rewards come with a sixty day expiry and are automatically revealed to you on your immediately next order at Panera outlet.

How To Get The Card

The cards are available from all outlets but need a small registration process for activation .You can get the card from the most convenient location for you.  Card from any location will hold good for your visit to all of the Panera outlets and will accumulate reward points at each buying with Panera. These reward points then are accumulated to surprise you with a delight at your next visit to any of the Panera outlets.

How To Activate The Card

You can register your card at Panera outlet by filling a small form and hand it over to the Panera associate. The process will take a few days but you will get registration confirmation on your contact information for sure.

If you are a socially responsible person then you could go paperless and register for MyPanera card Online at the MyPanera website. This process is faster and more reliable. There is no paper work or third person involved so you do not have to worry about loss of information or unnecessary delay.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Go to the we address directly, fill the form and move forward,


  1. If you are not good at remembering long URLs then try the following
    1. Go to official website of my Panera bread at www.Panerabread .com and hit My Panera tab from the top. This will lead to the a website for Panera cardholder.
    2. If you have a card enter your card number and registration code and click “Continue” or
    3. If you don’t have a card apply online by choosing I don’t have a card but I want to join  . Add personal information and create a user id and password.


My Panera bread rewards are a treat but you can not get one unless you are registered with Panera. The process is simple and fast. It takes only few minutes to join panera and register for the card you got from a store without online membership. What more? You could also report a lost card obviously free of cost. Check the following link for more help:

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