Young America Prepaid Card Online Management

The world’s largest rebate processor and clearing house0-Young America Corporation-is offering engagement marketing, loyalty marketing and cause marketing services for its clientele for almost past forty years. Besides these core services it offers CRM, Process outsourcing and paperless rebate (gift cards and credit cards) services. The company, among various other associations is a member of Visa @Forum, the American society of Quality, the Promotional Marketing Association, telemarketing Managers Association and National Association of chain drug stores.

Card Features:

Other than credit cards co-branded by customers and business partners of Young American Corporation, the company also issues its own brand cards. These cards can provide either an open lop or a closed loop reward to the cardholders while charging its client under either a fee-down or a conditional offer structure.

Online management of Young America Card online provides convenient control over cardholder’s account activities. After online management activation the cardholder is able to check up to date status of reward points earned, amounts spent, balance at hand, new promotions, online payment option

Who Can Manage Account Online?

All cardholders who have activated their cards are eligible to apply for online management services but they should have internet access.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Activate your pre paid card at the official website of Young America Corporation.
  2. Keep your activation code written or memorize it.
  3. Visit the prepaid card website of Young America @ to get access to online application form.
  4. Verify that you are a real person (non Robot) by Captcha code entry.
  5. Enter your activation code or if you forgot it you could enter your zip code alternatively.
  6. Also type in the last four digits of your card number.
  7. Complete the rest of the application form by following instructions.


Through its industry wide partnerships and collaborations as stated previously, the company leverages customer experience, Executes promotional campaigns and provides technological innovation to its customers. Online management of branded prepaid cards is a further incentive to the customers entitled to rebate offerings through its promotional campaigns. The process of submitting an application for online management of card is very easy and requires minimal time consumption.

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