Create A New Account With A My Sheetz Card

When you are traveling by road you always stop at a one stop store from where you can get all that you need for your way along with the gas refill for your vehicle. People who travel a lot also have their favourite stops due to some reasons. Whether they like their service, taste presentation skills or their facilities and that is why they always refer the same stop to other fellows as well and personally always prefer that stop to take a break in their journey and have a good rest. Sheetz is one of those restaurants and mostly people wish to find a Sheetz on their way.

Sheetz Inc was founded by Bob Sheetz in 1952 and it’s headquarter is in Altoona, Pennsylvania. It is owned by the Sheetz family and it has more than 412 locations. It is a gas station chain and a convenience store chain. It provides fast food, quality gasoline, cigarettes and tobacco allowed by law and friendly services to the customers.

My Sheetz Card

My Sheetz Card is the loyalty card which is being offered by the Sheetz to their loyal and regular customers and to repay for their love towards the Sheetz. The card holds no cash value but you can save a lot on all Sheetz. There is no charge to get the card and you can create a new online account to get it. You can also get the entire exclusive about the Sheets by becoming an e-mail customer. You can get all the kinds of savings each day along with the special offers plus the exclusive perks every day. You can also save your cash on gas by buying the ten most popular items of the Sheetz and they will give you one free, on-the-spot saving and the Sheetz freebiez.

How To Create A New Account With A My Sheetz Card?


1-      You need to sign up at a local Sheetz store.

2-      You need to have a computer.

3-      You need to have an internet access.


1-      Go to the official website of the Sheetz.

2-      Click on “Create a New Account” option at the right side of the page.

3-      Now click on “I Have a Card” option which will also be present on the right side of the page.

4-      Enter the card information as required.

5-      Enter the account details and a valid e-mail address as required by the website to create your account.

6-      Submit your information and your account has been created.

7-      You will get a confirmation e-mail on your e-mail address.

What To Do In Case Of Any Query?

In case of any problem or query you can always consult with the Sheetz My Sheetz Card FAQs.

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