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Many companies are trying to get the finest products in their stocks which are up to the mark and also up to the requirements of their customers as well. Quality improvement from the suggestions given by customers is quite good strategy in terms of business development and growth. Staples Canada office Supplies Company has also followed this strategy and wants a complete feed back and satisfaction survey from their customers. It is now available an online customers satisfaction survey facility on the companies web site so that they may get a through idea regarding the satisfaction of the customers which have made visit to the company’s retailing place. It is suggested by the company to rate its services and tell them the area of improvements. For the ease you can follow the steps below for the entire survey conduction scheme.


  • For conveying your feed back and giving a better idea of satisfaction regarding their services to the company, go to this link .
  • On the next page first of notice two button to choose the language, click on “English” or “Francias” to get the survey page into your required language.
  • After you will have this link, you can see a pop up window on the page, in which you will be asked to put the survey code. You will need to press the button “Enter Your Code” on that window so that you can fill the code in the given field.
  • You will need to see a company’s product purchasing slip for this purpose as the code will be printed on it. Read the code from the slip and fill it in the text field. After that, click on “Begin Survey” button.
  • After entering that code, the company will require from you to give the answers of some asked questions on the survey page appeared. Give the answers accordingly and submit your survey to the company.

About Company:

This Company is known for one of the largest retailing chain for each type of office supplies. It has become now more improved and stabled in terms of quality of the all kinds of office related goods and the satisfaction level of the customers which they have. Customers can have the ease of finding a large range of office supplies, ink and toner and office furnishes of different variety. They also deal in technological devices and latest computers, and many other products and equipments used in the modern offices and designs.  More over, they are available with their service online so that they can serve their customers in a much better way.

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