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People soon become tired and bored when they have to wait in long lines after driving to a place and the just sitting their staring each other or empty space until it’s time for their turn to pay their bill, medical checkup or pick up their medical reports and to ease this tension of waiting for lab reports is eliminated by LabCalls as they provide you your lab results online or on a phone call plus they also notify you by themselves when your report is ready so that you can check it online or by a phone call. LabCalls is a communicative system by which you  can get your lab results with complete privacy and in a great speed plus the patients are able to access their test results through internet or phone easily just by providing their specified code.

What Are The Advantages Of Labcalls Tool And Website?

There are multiple benefits of this tool.


1-      It allows doctors and staff to send lab result messages quickly just with some clicks.

2-      It also saves the staff labor.

3-      It saves the mailing cost.

4-      It gives a positive impact on the organization.

5-      It saves time.

6-      It provides the patients their privacy for their convenience.

7-      It gives the patients quick access to their lab results through very simple steps.

8-      It eliminates phone tags.

9-      Patients can get access to their lab results 24/7 which means whenever and wherever they want to.

How To Obtain Your Test Results From Labcalls?


1-      You must have a computer and an internet connection.

2-      You must have a card containing your personal access numbers for the website. This card must be given to you on your visit to the clinic or test lab so that you can view your lab results whenever you want to.


1-      Make sure that when you are giving some medical tests then you get a card with you personal access numbers on it so that you can get access and view your results whenever you want to.

2-      Click on the link www.mytestresults.com and you will be directed to the LabCalls website to view your test result.

3-      Now enter the access code which is generally a unique PIN from your card. The card will be having the customer number, your unique ID which is your own Social Security number and a PIN which is your date of birth.

4-      Once you have entered your code and PIN number then you will be directed to a new page.

5-      The new page will display your lab results in detail.

6-      You can also get your lab results by calling at 1-866-662-3272.

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