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The vision of the Value Added Communications Inc is to be the most recognized and successful benchmark of the solution provider in the inmate call processing industry and their mission is to revolutionize the market by launching the high tech innovative networking and telecommunications solutions by utilizing the leading edge technology and it has been working on it since 1988 successfully by expanding its feature list constantly. The services provided by the VAC are unique from the rest of the telecommunication services.

What Is V-Connect Pay Service?

The V-Connect pay service is the most recent successful launch of the Value Added Communications. It provides you the facility which other telecommunication services don’t provide. Its main mission is to keep you connected with your each and every friend and relative easily and its most unique specification is the tool to attend the collect calls. Which are even from different penal institutes without even getting paranoid about the large amount of bills or the restrictions which are generally placed by the telephone companies. You can also pay for your calls in advance by the Advance pay account tool so that you can easily maintain your budget.

What Is The Procedure To Sign-Up For V-Connect Advance Pay Service?


1-        You need a computer along with an internet access.

2-      You need a credit card or a debit card which must be (Visa or MasterCard).

Procedure To Sign Up:

1-      Click on the link and you will be directed to the V-Connect website.

2-      Pick the language from English and Spanish in which you would prefer to complete your sign up process.

3-      Provide your telephone number and then click on the option “Log In”

4-      Follow the steps and provide the required information to complete your sign up application form.

5-      Now add funds or credits to your account in the section labeled as “ Advance Pay”

6-      The addition of funds is required initially so that you can become a trusted customer and the company can provide you the best services for your convenience.

What To Do In Case Of Any Question Or Complication?

In case of any query or question you can always refer to the FAQs page by clicking on the link . Plus you can also call the customer care service to take help from a representative of the Value Added Communications live and solve your all problems and connect with all your incarcerated friends easily.


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