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The new era is the world of communication. You cannot complete your any other task without having your communication network and the best network service to provide this communication. The Verizon Communication Inc. was formed in 1983 by Bell Atlantic. It is the leading global broadband and telecommunications company. It delivers its innovative technology in more than 150 countries while its Head quarters are in New York, United States. There are many attractive packages and deals present for each and every type of Verizon customer along with the availability of the online account to manage your network’s settings and services.

Step BY STEP Guide:

1-      You must have a Verizon connection in your name.

2-      Visit the Verizon website and go to Register My Verizon.

3-      Select the type of account you want and sign in by giving the Registration information requirements.

4-      Give your Primary User ID, contact number and ZIP Code.

5-      Confirm your password along with creating your greeting name.

6-      Give your gender and date of birth information.

7-      Then verify your Identity section also requires the secret question and its answer along with your e-mail address.

8-      Select your language from English and Spanish.

9-      Agree to all Term and Services.

10-  Once your account creating is completed you will get two e-mails in your account. One for congratulating you and welcoming you on the website and telling you its benefits while the other will be containing the steps to validate your e-mail.

Types Of Accounts

1-      Residential account for just a small family or a house or even for just one individual.

2-      Small account for just small business set up.

3-      Enterprise and Governmental account for 500 plus employs.

4-      There is the service of wireless system.

My Verizon Benefits


1-      You can easily pay your bills.

2-      Set-up automatic payments easily.

3-      You can easily view your current and past bills.

4-      You can add or change your settings.

5-      You can also get free stuff offered with widgets.

6-      You can listen to your home voice mail to see who has called or had left any messages.

7-      You can keep tabs on used minutes and messages.

8-      You can see what’s playing on FiOS TV.

9-      You can easily manage TV listing or Programs on DVR.

10-  You can check your online account anywhere anytime you want to.

Verizon is one of the most successful company which is attracting more and more customers day by day due to its amazing and beneficial deals.

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