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The North Carolina Department of Commerce Division of Employment Security is the program working under the government and helping those people who have lost their jobs. It is not like any ordinary employment helping program because it also encourages its applicants to search for new jobs more actively by is strict and firm rules and methods. The NCESC provides help only to those who follow its rules regularly and strictly otherwise they have every right to cut down their aid and they also do act on it. It is the best helping aid for the people of North Carolina who are unemployed and only if it was not their fault that they have lost their jobs like the reason their jobs were lost was some accident or because they were handicapped or some other reasons in which it wasn’t their fault that they have lost their jobs.

Availability To Get Help From NCESC

  • The hours of availability of NCESC to get help are:-
  • Monday to Friday at 6:00 am to 9:30 pm Eastern Time.
  • Saturday at 6:00 to 12:00 Midnight.
  • Sunday at 12:00 Noon to 9:30 pm.

Factor To Applying For NCESC

Main factors:

1-      The NCESC provides only temporary financial aid so the applicant will have to find his new job as soon as possible.

2-      The person is legally responsible to follow all the rules which apply on him by the NCESC.

3-      The NCESC services are not at all for all those who are unemployed but only for those who are eligible in the scale of the NCESC conditions.

4-      The person who is applying at the NCESC must present the accurate report and the reason of losing his or her job.

5-      The person should report correctly about the wages he was earning when he was employed.

6-      The person must register with workforce solutions so that he can struggle to get a new job with all his efforts.

7-      The person must search for a new job actively and if it is noticed that he is not doing so then he will be cut off from the aid.

8-      The person must develop effective search plan for the new job.

9-      You must avoid the errors and should make your personality a responsible one.

10-  You must not delay in the search of finding new job and to start a new job

How To Apply For NCESC Benefits?

1-      Visit the NCESC website and apply for the benefits.

2-      Provide them with your personal data including your name, address, e-mail and the contact number.

3-      Provide your previous employment.

4-      Provide the reason of your unemployment.

5-      Provide your payment history and your current financial situation.

6-      You can also save work while doing it and exit if you find the process too long to fill.

7-      The process will take about 30 minutes and then your application will be submitted.

8-      Wait for a specific period called the “Base Period “which is the week when your application is being processed before you get the reply from the NCESC.

9-      You can also file Online which can take 20 minutes or by Telephone anytime and you can also go file your application in person.

The strict rules of NCESC are because the applicants stay active in finding jobs instead of staying dependant on the financial aid.

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