Play Games With Dora The Explorer

You may have heard your child chanting Dora… Dora sometimes. Dora The Explorer is a fulfilled, adventurous and educational cartoon for your little angel. Dora the Explorer Games come from the same idea which is to provide education with fun for the kids. As much as the kids like Dora the Explorer, they will be more interested in playing the game and more keen to learn the lessons given in the games.

What Do You Need To Play The Game?

You should have an Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Shockwave Player installed on your computer to play the game. If you don’t have any of the two, you can easily download them from Adobe’s website.
How To Play The Dora The Explorer Game?

  • There are many sites where you can visit and play the game for example,you can visit the NICKJr site.
  • Search Dora the Explorer game.
  • Choose different games available from the list.
  • Go through the Instructions
  • Controls are simple and convenient

Dora The Explorer:

  • The game’s controls are very easy to understand and use
  • The game can be played on a number of sites
  • The Resolution and graphics of the game are commendable
  • The game is as educational as the cartoons
  • The Learning process can be more fun through these games
  • There are special games for both girls and boys.


The Dora the Explorer game is an interactive way of learning. Some games also teach different languages like Spanish, French etc. Children can learn these languages, while playing with greater ease than in classrooms. Dora the Explorer games are based on real time scenarios, like the Dora Babysitter Game for Girls. These real time scenarios can give children ideas of practical situations and teach them what to do with them. The creators of Dora the Explorer have made the games in such a way, that they enable children to learn different subjects from the game, for instance, children can learn simple mathematics from the games designed for teaching math.

The creators paid due attention towards games for girls.The girlscan dress up Dora and Boots from cool and exciting choice of dresses. They can also learn to decorate their rooms and also learn gardening from just playing the games. Dora the Explorer has made learning for children more entertaining and simple.By teaching through games, children can take interest in education and be more keen to learn.

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