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Symantec Corporation is famous for its Norton brand is the manufacturer of Computer software’s for security. Its head quarter is in Mountain View, California and was founded in 1st March 1982 and is now the largest maker of the security software which was basically focused on database program and on artificial intelligence relating projects. Its products are  Norton Antivirus, Norton 360,Norton Internet Security, Symantec Endpoint Protection, Enterprise Vault, VERITAS Cluster Server, VERITAS Storage Foundation, Symantec Ghost, NetBackup, Norton DNS, Online Family and Norton. It is also a member of S&P stock market index and is a Fortune 500 company.

What Is Symantec Norton Support?

The Symantec Norton Support Services were launched for the customers and users of the Norton Antivirus who are facing problems with their security software. You can contact and communicate with a help representative by e-mail, telephone or by live chatting and video call. They will fix your problem by themselves or they can guide you to fix it very easily without disturbing any other program or personal stuff in your computer. The service is very much beneficial for the customers as experienced technicians are easily available for them at their homes, business and wherever they want. This saves you from the fatigue of taking your gadget to a technician, a software engineer or to the help service center.

What Is The Procedure To Get Help From Norton Support?


1-      You need a computer with an internet access.

2-      You need to be a customer of the Norton software.

3-      You must have a 16- digit PIN code given by you from your Support Agent.


1-      Click on the link and you will be directed to the Symantec Norton Support Services website.

2-      Now provide the 16-digit code in the required field. You must have received the code from your Support Agent.

3-      Once you have entered the code then click on “Connect”

4-      Now you will have to click on the “Run” option so that you can connect with the Norton technician.

5-      You can communicate with the Norton help technician by phone, e-mail or online chatting sessions.

6-      Now all you have to do is to get your problem fixed by the expert and you can also keep your eyes on your computer while the expert is fixing the problem.

7-      You can also get all the help from the terms and conditions page of the support services:



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