Win $50-$250 Card In Thrifty Foods Customer Panel Survey

Customers who daily or quite often visit thrifty grocery store have a chance to win amazing rewards by becoming a part of the staff and panel of the store just by taking a simple survey they have successfully launched to be aware of the product’s quality and the satisfaction of the customers purchasing the stuff they sell to them. The ranking of the store could be improved in this way and not only that but the customers could also be benefited in a marvelous way. Just by cooperating with the store by taking the survey, the customers could get a chance to win 50-250 dollars smile cards for free. This will enable them to shop a lot. Keeping the smile cards in mind, the benefit that is provided to the customers is that they could help improve the current offers being given to them at the store and help make quality of the items better.

About Survey

This can only be done by leaving feedback while taking the survey and by doing this they could also help improve the communication skills of the vendors present there. If there is some sort of complain or and flaw in the services or products being given away then they could also be pinpointed there in the feedback that will help the store managers rectify the simplest of mistakes and make the company reach the top. This symbiosis brings most of the reward to the customers as not only will they be served in a better way in the future but they will also be rewarded for cooperating in the best way they could and this can be done by taking the survey.

Step By Step Guide

The survey itself is easy to take as it is online and not time consuming.

  1. Internet access is necessary
  2. The purchasing slip is also needed so that the code on it could be used later on when the bar is displayed.
  3. The customer has to enter the site of the store and seek information
  4. After which he have to enter the code in the give n space.
  5. The list of questions will appear and the customer will be asked to respond keeping in mind the purchasing experience.
  6. The buying and the dealings all have to be recalled in the mind of the survey taker
  7. You could take the survey and enter the lottery to win smile cards.

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