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Being the second largest retailer of the office supplies in the world has challenges on many fronts. It is important to maintain a well diversified supply Chain and also it is important to keep the customers well posted , informed of latest promotions and on board for future developments. The last part, regarding keeping customers involved for better services is a little tricky but high value activity. Office Depot has recognition of its role in the society as a service provider to end consumers.

About Survey

In retail sector customer tastes and preferences are everything. A small or a minute fault in customer service leaves a bad impression on the customer and hence reduces the chances of him returning to the store again.

Through this survey customers can express their complaints and issues. Theses forms are designed to get input after a customer has shopped at the store. Office Depot form varies a little from others in its objective. This is not a mere window dressing technique bringing customers for a second time purchase. Instead this aims to provide a tool for dispute resolution and future dispute prevention.

Survey’s Benefits

It is a very simple survey compared to what other survey forms require. It only asks you to rate your preference on a two scale grid. There is no lengthy and difficult choice making on a large scaled grid. Since it is short and contains very few questions you will find it very easy to fill in a short time.

The company sends invitations to seek feedback from anyone through email as a part of its email marketing campaign.

Step By Step Guide To Office Depot Customer Survey

In order to fill out a customer depot survey you should follow and complete the following step

  1. Visit the Office Depot website, and open the customer survey page.
  2. Give input on how you reached this page for example ; Invitation card at the purchase receipt,  Email marketing, etc. and press “Next” (Do not use arrow keys to navigate)
  3. Provide the date of your Office Depot visit and “Continue”. (Do not use arrow keys to navigate)
  4. Carefully read the questions and give response on your experience about the purchase at Office Depot.
  5. After the last question a $10 off coupon code appears on the screen. Print it.
  6. Use the Coupon for next visit in case you choose to spend more than $50.

A Few Useful Tips:

  • Save up the coupon for a monthly visit when you have to buy the whole month’s supply , if you are a regular customer.
  • If you are a non frequent buyer , keep an eye on promotions and use the coupon for any special discount offer to gain double discount on any special item you can not buy else where for such a low price.

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