Join The OfficeMax Protection And MaxAssurance Plan

OfficeMax has all the products you need for your office. From comfortable and cushy office chairs to heavy office printer and electronics to large conference tables, OfficeMax has it all. OfficeMax aims to help you with setting up your office and make it more convenient and enjoyable for you to work by supplying high quality and long lasting office products. OfficeMax believes in customer satisfaction so we also provide after sales services to our customers. To avail this service, join OfficeMax’s exclusive program OfficeMax Protection or Max Assurance Plan.

What You Will Need To Join The Protection Plan:

You will just need a computer with an internet connection and a valid email id.

How Can You Join The OfficeMax Protection And Max Assurance Plan?

  • ·         Visit the OfficeMax customer care website at the following address
  • ·         Click on the “Register now or log in” link
  • ·         Fill your personal information on the web page, choose your password, submit your email and then click on the” create new account “
  • ·         After setting up your account register your product by submitting the product information and other details.
  • ·         Your product will now be registered you can enjoy the OfficeMax protection plan.

Benefits Of Joining The OfficeMax Protection Plan:

  • OfficeMax has specially designed the portal for its customer so that they can track their products, help them with troubleshooting techniques and also file a claim.
  • This portal allows you to file claims from your office or your home with just a click, no need to go to the shop and go through with the lengthy procedure.
  • Your account provides you necessary guidance for setting up and to configure your product
  • You can manage your warranty and replacement plans online through your account.
  • Special offers just for you!
  • 24 hour online help and technical support
  • In case of problems, you can also call OfficeMax  customer care center and get in touch with a customer care representative
  • The new online system makes filing claims and checking their status much easier. It also takes less time to process the claims.
  • By setting up your account you can also chat with the people who have the same product and take advantage of their experience.

OfficeMax is the leading business in providing office solution to businesses and also providing business to business to business services. Whether you shop online or go to OfficeMax’s nationwide stores, you will get cheap deals on all our products. OfficeMax is your solution to your office problems.

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