Approach Orange UK To Activate Phone & SIM

The SIM card which you have purchased from the online facility provided by the company, you can not use it as it is unless you have to go through the complete registration process for it. For having the complete facility of the telecommunication services, payment of bills you are required to have the activated phone SIM card from the company.


  • If you want to get a registered SIM and phone from the Company, you must be a resident of the Unite Kingdom to proceed further. How ever, if you have your resident in any other country then you will not be eligible for the registration procedure.
  • You must have an issued SIM card from the company for which you need the activation. You will be required the number of your SIM card for starting the activation process.
  • For making the online activation of your SIM card purchased form the company, you can go to this link for getting started the process. .
  • At the resulted page you will get the further information for the activation of your SIM issued by the company and the payment process of your monthly phone.
  • After you will be presented the resulted page you can see a text field in which you will have to enter the SIM Card Number for which you need the entire activation process. Each SIM card user is issued a specific 19 digit card number. If you are unable to locate your 19 digit SIM Card, you can see the packaging on the box of your SIM. That number is printed on the SIM box as well.
  • Enter a valid SIM number in the given text field and after that click on the button named as “Next” located below.
  • After you will make a click on the button, you will automatically move to the next page, if your entered SIM number is verified.
  • At the next page, you will come in front of further processing of activation procedure by which you can get your SIM activated and you can use it for availing the services provided by the company.

About Company:

As telecommunication industry is growing at very fast rate so this company is also trying to keep pace with these latest up comings and providing good telecommunication facilities to their customers. The users of the company are facilitated with a wide coverage and long distance communication facilities at quite reasonable rate.

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