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Mobile technologies are making a chain of communication between the mobile user and the government because these technologies help the individual to make the management of human resources more effective. In the world of modern technology, we can see the widespread use of mobile devices and also the development of mobile companies or organizations to provide basic services to their customers. As many mobile companies have been developed so, it raised the competition among them and every company tries its best to provide best quality services to their customer. That’s why many companies offer different types of mobile packages to gain the attention of the customer. The Company is also mobile networking community, which is offering different packages and services to their customers so that they can extend their business. They offered free credits to your mobile with several free minutes and text messages.

How To Get?

  • You have to comprehend some requisites before getting the free credit to your mobile service. You must be the customer of Company and is already using the mobile packages of this company. Another one is that your sim card must be registered from the company and have enough credit in your mobile so that you can avail the services of different packages.
  • In order to get the free credit package and to know the details about package then you have to click on the given website that is “”.
  • The welcome page will appear and from that page you can activate your package by clicking on the option of “Get started”.
  •  On next page, the company will ask about from you about your mobile. And you have to provide the in order to activate the package. You will give information about your Phone Number then your SIM Number and in the last type your registered IMEI Number.
  • Then click on the option of “Next” and new page will appear which also needs some information from you. You will fill the blocks as they guided and click on the option of “submit” to activate the package.


The access to this package is very easy to comprehend; you just have to follow the above mentioned steps. When your package is activated then you can enjoy free credits to your mobile by which you can make calls and send text messages as much as you want. You can start your free credit package whenever you want.

About Company:

This Company is France based and is founded in 1994. It is one of the leading mobile networks in all over the world with its widespread subsidiaries. Customer always acknowledged the remarkable services of this company.

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