Book Cheap Airline Tickets At Orbitz

If you are planning to purchase air tickets online, there is one name that should be near your lips – Orbitz. The article will attempt to explain why Orbitz should be your port of call.

A Brief On Orbitz:

Orbitz (full name Orbitz Worldwide Inc) is perhaps the largest online travel company in the world.  The main base of operation is at Citigroup Center, Chicago Illinois.  The entity that dabbles in the travel services sector offers a number of travel products. There are in excess of 1.5 million searches (flight searches and hotel searches daily on the Ortiz platform) .The figures are a testament of the heft that this online agency has in the travel community. If you want to partner with this entity as they help you search for a cheap airline ticket at Orbitz, then the road that you need to travel resembles something like this:

Guideline Of Booking A Ticket On Orbitz:

  • Foremost, go to the official web page of the online travel agency –;
  • On the homepage, click on the link tagged Flights;
  • There are a number of data fields that you will be required to fill up, some of these data fields include the following –  the kind of trip ( one way, round trip, and multi city); the city you the traveler are departing from  and similarly, the city that you are heading to; the age of the travelers and so on.
  • Click on the button tagged search flights at the bottom of the search enquiry and all the possible data fields within your defined data fields will be highlighted;
  • Select the flight that speaks to the needs of your pocket and click on the online purchase option.

To make your purchases online, you will be required to furnish the online platform with details of your credit card as well as your social security number. It is important to note that in this entire process Orbitz simply acts as a middleman, and as such you should not fear that you could be taken advantage of to make a profit for the vendor.

This process is quiet straight forward: in fact the entire process (from the time you sign up to the moment you are making an online payment should last a little less than ten minutes). However, a simple exercise is not good enough to convince one to partner with an online travel agency, right?  There have to be a number of compelling reasons to make one take such a leap of faith. The advantage(s) that come when you partner with this online travel agency are as follows:  the online agency makes good on its offer of latching at the lowest priced air ticket sin the market; there is no booking fee on any single carrier flights that you book; there are a number of goodies to be won including airline miles flier points; lastly, you receive constant travel alerts via email and mobile alerts.   Think of the migraine you sidestep when you partner with an online travel agency and call on Orbitz.

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