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You can get the help of Oklahoma Docket search so to find any information about the trials going on in the court. If you want to get any information regarding any trials or cases that have been dealt in the Oklahoma you can access it through the online docket search. If you want to search any docket you can follow a few simple steps to get through the procedure. The instructions to access the docket search are given in the guide mentioned below.


In order to access the docket information from the docket search you need to have few information about the case you are looking for. You need to know about the case that you have to look for. The exact details of the case are required for you to be aware of. You should know the date of the trial and the type of the trial or case you want to look for.


The instructions to access the docket search are mentioned below:

  • First of all you need to access the official website by following the link .
  • You will arrive at the homepage of the website where you will have to look for the option DOCKET SEARCH.
  • When you will access that option you will arrive on a page where you will be given a lot options from which you will have to choose one option for “Database” and “Case Number”.
  • These options will be for the type of trial or case you are looking for. You will select the one you have to find. (e.g. CIVIL CASES)
  • Enter your full name details and identifying number, born on or after date and born before date details in the boxes.
  • Then choose the “Case Type” , “Party Type” and then select the “Date Range”
  • Fill details for “Lower Case Number” and “Traffic citiation Number”
  • After that you will SUBMIT the information.
  • When you will do this, a list of cases held at the time would appear from which you would be able to access the one you want to access.


The thing that you need to remember about finding the dockets is that you should first read the terms and conditions of the use of the website and the information provided on it.


  • You can get information about the cases through a secure channel.

About Website:

It is the website of the judiciary network in this city. It is one of the very few online database which gives citizens an access to the trials information.

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