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What actually surveys do? It is a very common question that rises in many of your minds. The following answer may satisfy your question and it is that the survey provides a way to the company arranging to make changings in their services so the customers find more comfortable and ease while shopping at their store. It is a collection of simple questions that are to be answered by the customers who have experienced at the store. It is to get information about the customer’s feelings and to estimate the satisfaction level of the customers that how satisfy are they from the services. if you shop at Our Boots then you are required to take this survey because they are also offering a gift prize for you.

The process in which you have to take this survey over internet is very simple and it can be done with in no time. £100 is rewarded for the people who give their few minutes to this survey.


  • To access the questionnaire at internet visit the given website .
  • At the time of your shopping you will be given a receipt and at this receipt a code is given that is called survey code of 18 digits. On the page opened after going to the web address you have to enter this code in the blank given at the page.
  • Click the given button “enter” to get the form.
  • On the next window you will see a form containing few questions along with some text boxes. Answer the questions honestly and try to answer in a way that would prove beneficial. Type your suggestions in the text boxes and there is no restriction on it.
  • After finishing the questions you must give your personal information including your address, email and phone number so your prize could be sent to you.
  • To read out all the privacy policies you can access the page of terms and conditions and there you will be shown all the information about your prize and related.
  • To submit your questionnaire, press the “finish” button.


£100 gift card is awarded to the people who take this survey and consumes their precious time in suggesting the company with their beneficial advices. There are only 15 minutes to take and the rest is very easy.

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A United Kingdom based pharmaceutical this shoe company is serving from 150 years.

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