Participate In The Panda Express Guest Survey

Panda Express is a Chinese food restaurant that has its almost thirteen hundred outlets across USA. The outlets are intelligently located at the public places like casinos, theme parks, super markets, and train stations. It originated in 1970 as Panda Restaurant group Inc.

Panda Express Guest Survey

Panda Express Guest Survey is a online questionnaire that is designed to get customer feedback on the quality of food and services provided by Panda at the outlets the customer dined in recently. It claims to captures a snapshot of the customer experience at Panda Outlet while it is still vivid in the imagination.

By participating in the Panda Guest survey at Medallia’s website each participant is entitled to get a free entree for every two entree’s ordered.

Eligibility :

To participate in the survey a person must;

  1. Be able to read and write Spanish or English Language.
  2. Have a shopping receipt from any of the Panda Express Store dating not more than two days older.
  3. Have internet access and a personal computer.

Step By Step Guide

The Survey is an easy set of questions that will take almost five minutes to complete.

  1. 1.      Copy or Click to visit site
  2. On the current page of the website go to drop down menu at the top right of the screen & select your preferred language.
  3. Enter the survey number provided at the receipt’ front.
  4.  Follow the instruction by giving answers.
  5. Once you are finished you will receive a notification of the code number that will entitle you to free enter in your next visit.
  6. Write your code number on the purchase receipt and take it with you for your next visit  to Panda Express


In food restaurants people usually do not only come for food what they look for is a good dining experience. Creating customer loyalty is the basic factor if success in such cases. If the product and service quality mix is not right and the quality of services falters there is  a high chance that the restaurant loses major potential revenue from repeat buying.

Important Tips:

  1. Make sure t o complete the survey within 20 minutes because after that it will time out.
  2. Read the terms and conditions and sweepstake rules

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