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If you love eating Chinese food and you visit restaurant for this then you may get a chance to tell how their food and other services are. If you do not like the taste of their food and you want to get it changed then you can now tell them by taking their survey which is composed of few questions, you can answer them over internet. To take this survey is your duty because the progress of a company relies on your feedback as you are the judges of their food. They work for you and if you do not tell them about how you feel then it is all useless. If you do not like their environment or behavior of any of the staff member then you can also inform this too. All of your feedbacks matters to the company’s authority and they just take them in view instead of ignoring them. Many of the customers think that these surveys do not matter for the company, while it is a wrong thinking.

Online survey is quite easy to take as these are posted on the websites to provide comfort to the customers so they could not find it difficult and so make attractive this survey by rewarding them with a coupon on which discounts are given.


  • To survey online visit .
  • You will see an empty area where you have to enter the survey code consisting of 4 digits.
  • A button “next” is given in front of the logo, click on it to proceed.
  • All the questions will be provided on the next pages, answer one by one and accurately.
  • You are given some text boxes type your suggestions and comments in these boxes.
  • After you have done with the questionnaire, provide your contact information including email address so if you win then you could be sent the validation code.
  • Open the account of which address you have provided.
  • Note down the validation code and show it on the store to get discounts.


By giving your little time to the company in taking the survey you can get a discount coupon which you can redeem on the store and enjoy more at the store.

About Company:

It is a chain of Chinese food restaurant based in United States.

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