Pandora SetUp On Samsung Device

Pandora Inc. the operates the Pandora internet radio and also serves as the custodian to Music Genome Project used for describing songs through fundamental attributes and organizing them through mathematical algorithm. The media service provider is currently limited to USA for its full services and works in Australia and New Zealand through limited services due to licensing restrictions.

Pandora Internet Radio

Internet radio is an audio service provided through live streaming of audio signals through a webcast. It is different from a podcast that requires downloading before listening.

Pandora’s competitive edge in the web radio industry is its unique organization and recommendation facility. What Pandora’s radio does differently from others is that it keeps a record of stations listened to by each of its registered users and also keeps track of all artists or songs bookmarked by Pandora user.


To set up Pandora Radio on your mobile device and enjoy songs of your preferred genre all you need is

  1. Access to a PC, laptop or any other mobile computing device that is internet enabled.
  2. A smart phone or basic phone with internet access option from Samsung.

Step By Step Guide

To activate Pandora on your Samsung mobile device is a simple three step process

You should first set up your device for Pandora and write the activation code somewhere.

  1. Log on to Pandora’s official website at and select device Samsung. This will lead to the Samsung set up page at


If you could not activate on your Samsung mobile device then click “Where do I find the Activation Code” Below the Code entry field, for further details.


If you forgot your code you could get a fresh one by following easy steps listed in the “I forgot my cod” link below the Code entry field.

  1. Enter the activation code in the Activation code entry field and click “Activate”.
  2. The activation process will complete with last step and you can now start listening to songs of your choice


The market for internet radio and Television is growing day by day. Live streaming audio through internet enabled mobile devices is a treat for people with busy lifestyle. The mobility of smart phones coupled with automatic organization of audio genres as per user’s taste through Pandora Radio has taken the industry benchmarks to newer heights.

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