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Papa Murphy’s is having more than 1,250 locations in 37 states of United States and fourteen more in Canada. It is a business of Take and bake pizza and the company is based in Vancouver, Washington, United States. Their pizzas are uncooked and yet still people go to buy the Papa Murphy’s pizza like crazy because of their extraordinary fantastic taste. Papa Murphy’s is a merger of Papa Aldo’s and Murphy’s Pizza because both the chains were acquired by Terry Collins. The Papa Murphy’s was initiated in 1995 and in a very short period it was rewarded as “Best Pizza Chain in America” in 2003. The company has also won the platinum award in 2006 and is the winner of Pizza today‘s in 2009 and 2008, 2006 plus 2001 as well.

Nowadays the pizzas are ordered by calling in or walking in while some stores of Papa Murphy’s also have a drive thru window but very soon enough online order service will be initiated.

Papa Murphy’s Menu

The main dish is defiantly the pizza as it is a chain of take and bake pizzerias but they also offer salads, chocolate chip cookie dough, Cheesy bread, Cinnamon Wheels, soft drinks of different sizes while in some franchises lasagna is also available.

About Survey

The experienced management of the  Murphy’s know the value of customer’s feedback and that is why they are conducting surveys so that they can know how much comfortable their customers feel at Papa Murphy’s and how much do they enjoy so that they can make changes according to their needs to increase the ratio of the customers.

Step By Step Guide


1-      You must have a computer with an internet access.

2-      You must have a Papa Murphy’s receipt.


1-      Click on the link and you will be directed to the Papa Murphy’s Customer survey website.

2-      Now take your receipt and then locate your Papa Murphy’s restaurant on the screen by entering the store number or the ZIP code from the receipt.

3-      If you want to search the restaurant by store number then you have to click on the option marked “Store Number” and click on the “Next” option.

4-      Now provide them with the store number and the date of your visit and then click on the “Next” option.

5-      Carefully answer each and every question of your survey according to your experience that you had when you were at Papa Murphy’s

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