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Everyone wants a good magazine for themselves and people’s magazine is the best weekly blast for the people. It is owned by Times Inc. since 4 March 1974 when its first edition was published. Its current editor is Michael Laurenza. The magazine is published in English language and it is of United States. The people’s magazine focuses on news, celebrity and human news. The editions are focused on the most eligible men and “The sexiest man alive”, “The Best Dressed” named editions which are mainly focused on having an eye catching titles so that at least three out of two passersby are unable to take their eyes off the magazine. The magazine is completely or majorly based on the qualities of men and about their details.

How Can You Get Online Access To People Customer Service?


1-      You must be a regular subscriber or customer of the People’s magazine.

2-      You must have a personal and valid e-mail address.

3-      You must have a computer.

4-      You must have access to the internet.

Step By Step Method:

1-      Visit the people’s magazine customer service website by clicking on its link.

2-      Click on the link at the bottom of the page saying “Contact Customer Service”.

3-      Fill the form which is given to you with your personal details and be sure that your details will be securely used by the authorized staff only for the specific described purpose.

4-      Select the subject from the options due to which you have contacted the customer service.

5-      Click on the link “send e-mail” and your e-mail will be sent to you.

6-      You have to wait for two working days for the reply to come so make no haste to get the respond.

What To Do If You Need Further Help?

For further help you also have the facility of the help desk and you can contact the help desk facility easily by clicking on its link.

What Are The Benefits To Take Help From The Customer Service?

You can take part in the VIpeoples reward programs. You can also get the chance to enter in the gift subscriptions. You can update the issue of people and can also add the tablet of edition free for existing print. You may also get the chance of availing various other services offered by the People magazine.

People magazine is voted by the readers ever since it is being published.

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